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Oct 4, 2012 6:00am EDT
the groups jonathan's talking about, a $716 trillion -- billion? what is it? cut to medicare, which isn't true. every republican that he's supporting also supports the exact same thing because they are accounted for in the ryan budget minus $200 million more, so $916 billion. these are the things that i think are problematic in terms of how the policy debate, and i think that the, um, the super pacs only make it worse because you have individuals who have personal, um, opinions that they're trying to foist upon people. and i think we'd be better off with the candidates, we just would be. i'm happy to be part of a super pac, i'm happy to defend barack obama because he's the next and best president of the united states, and that's financial. but do i wish this didn't have to be? yeah, i do. and i think experiencing -- in connecticut we have public financing campaigns, and you know what? they work just fine. and the voters while they may say they're not that happy with taxpayer-funded campaigns, you know, things have gone pretty smoothly in a lot of these places that have public finance, s
Oct 3, 2012 2:00am EDT
are rising higher. look at the last 10 numbers -- 10 years of numbers through 2009 medicare would pay $130 billion extra had it gone toward the private insurance model because it has done a worse job to crown the increased cost of medicare. it is better at controlling health care cost but wait to until it drives down the cost. >> that is quality not quantity of procedures. . .a)i"aa! ah@>aoao%h$x 1p p!@)dk@!d) !@)cwa)i"aa! ah@>aoao%h$x 1p p!@)dk@!d) !@)cwa)i"aa! ah@>aoao%h$x 1p
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2